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2023 HKDSE Examination :  Results Statistics of Pui Kiu College


In this year, 100 G12 students have sat for the HKDSE Examination.    Our G12 students have performed very well in the examination.  Their achievement is a vivid demonstration of the effectiveness of “through-train” operation in the nurturing of students.

  1. HKDSE Results Statistics

Percentage of students attaining Level 4 or above (i.e. the average subject distinction-credit rate)

72.6% (Territory average : 36.0%)

All subjects have achieved a distinction-credit rate being 50% or above.

Percentage of students attaining Level 5or above

35.3% (Territory average : 13.2%)

Average number of Level 5 or above attained by students


Grade point distribution in the best 5 subjects [Note: Only grade point ranges pertaining to outstanding results are listed]

Total Grade Points

Percentage of Students

25 or above


(Territory average : 8.7%)

28 or above


(Territory average : 4.1%)

  1. Best Results Attained by Our Students :

Level 5** in 4 subjects and Level 5* in 1 subject;  

Level 5** in 3 subjects, Level 5* in 2 subjects and Level 5 in 1 subject