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Students from our school were invited to attend the Education Summit 2024 of the London Ball Foundation


Education Summit 2024 of the London Ball Foundation was held at Chinese University on 23 March 2024. Education and industry leaders, professional speakers, and numerous guests were invited to discuss the emerging trends, upcoming changes, strategies and development, and lessons learned in their respective fields. Twelve of our school’s students and teachers also received the invitation to attend.

Among the decorated guests were Dr. Ko Wing-man, a member of the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and former Secretary for Food and Health; Mr. SZE Chun-fai, Under Secretary for Education; Mr. Brain Davidson, Consul General to Hong Kong and Macao; Mr. Victor L.L. Chu, The Chair of University College London Council; Professor Anthony Smith, the Vice-Provost of University College London; and Ms. Susannah Morley, Director of British Council Hong Kong. They all gave keynote speeches and participated in panel discussions.

The panel discussions explored the future developments of health, arts, technology, and their relation to education. Our students benefited immensely from taking part in the summit, meeting the distinguished guests and exchanging ideas. One of our students, Sunny Pun from Grade 10, engaged in an exchange with Ms. S. Alice Mong, the President of Asia Society Hong Kong Centre, delving into the rapidly evolving trend of collaboration between Eastern and Western ideas in cinema and other mediums of art.

This opportunity also served as an inspiration to our students regarding their further studies and career development, as they prepare themselves to thrive and excel in their fields.