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Knowledge Building:Online Collaborative learning

Thanks for the support of CITE, HKU, We are glad to form a learning community with the students of TST College and Ho Lap College, that is, we work and learn collaboratively with the students of different forms this year. The diagram on the left is the learning platform we used, it is designed to support learner and group centered work that concentrates on creating and developing expressions of knowledge. --- Click the diagram to know more.

Science Fair :

The Science fair is a wonderful way to get students excited about the scientific process ---- and thinking like young scientists! It gives students the opportunity to study a topic that interests them. This year, the projects are as varied as the students' interests, such as sports, music, art, rocketry, psychology, and computers. Through their projects, students discover that science is found in every niche of the universe. --Click the photos to view the photo album.


Science Magic Show :

The Science Magic Show is organized as an important activity of the Young Scientists Club of Pui Kiu College. We have performed some science demos during the Christmas Party which include: putting needle through a balloon, burning a water balloon, making insta-snow etc. The show lasts for approx 10 minutes. (Dec 2005) --Click the photos to watch the video.


Integrated Science Lesson:

Students developed their operational definition of energy as they are introduced to energy transfer, energy chains and the concepts of potential (stored) and kinetic (motion) energy. They built a multi-floor building out of cards and discussed the difference between energy of position, or stored energy (potential energy), and energy of motion (kinetic energy).(Dec 2005) --Click the photos to view all photos.


Marine Discovery :

Since the underwater world is a mystery to most people, we can only see the surface of the sea and have no idea what is really happening underneath, in order to encourage Pui Kiu College Students to explore this mysterious underwater world and join in conserving this precious treasure, We had a Science Field Trip in Hoi Hai Wan this Nov and Dec. (Dec 2005) --Click the photos to view all photos.


Science of Halloween :

In order to get students excited about the scientific process, the Young Scientists Club organized an activity, Science of Halloween, in October, they did a serious of horror experiments and scientific demonstrations, which includes, Elephant toothpaste, Instant worm, Mentos fountain, Body puzzle, and Silly putty. --Click the photos to view all photos.


Science Presentation

Students are encouraged to identify problems, ask questions and solve problems, The video on the left shows an ordinary science class of Grade 7 students, they were having their science presentation in class. (Dec 2005) --- Click the photos to see more videos.





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